Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hey Hey Hey, Surf & Turf fer the Cookie t'day.

Well Sir, just found out that the wife and kiddies have somethin special planned fer the old Cookie this here Fathers Day, SURF & TURF!

Now Sir, Mrs. Cookie found a great price fer Lobster at $4.99 a lb, and, things being the way they are, just couldn't pass it up.

Yupper, they're gonna boil up them lobsters in our outside boiler and fire up the grill fer some great taste'n steaks. Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm!!

The best part is.... Cookie don't havta cook it!! Wife and kids will do it all, of course, y'all know I'll just have to be around sticking my nose in to supervise things, like making sure the lobsters, one and one half pounders, are boiled for 12 minutes (10 minutes for the 1st pound and 3 minutes fer each pound thereafter), no more, and that the steaks are done to perfection (in my case, medium-rare).

Yupper, right now I'm smack'n my tongue so hard against the roof of my mouth that I just might knock my brains out. I put that line in so's the chief (God Bless his soul) will have somethin to make a smart-ass comment about.

Well Folks, here's hope'n Y'ALL have a GREAT FATHERS DAY!!

BTW, If'n y'all are gonna visit a neighborhood pool sometime during this great weather, pay attention to this important Public Service Announcement!!

...and speak'n of pools on hot summer days...