Saturday, July 03, 2010

"I fought for YOU", Back in the Day, U.S. Navy-1915, "Iron Men in Steel Tubes."

I just received this GREAT short video from Susan Gertson who's son, Clint Gertson paid the ultimate price for our country. I truly believe that the subject of this video is where many of us, myself included,(our 40's and 50's generation), dropped the ball to pass it along to our next generation just what it means to be an American and the price paid by many brave men and women to keep our country "the land of the free and the home of the brave."


I'm sure all you bubbleheads, past and present will enjoy this all too brief footage of the United States Navy Submarine Service-1915. It was sent to me by my friend Don from over at "Don's Mind". Thanks again mate!

Those old boats were powered by diesel engines and were filthy, dirty and grimy, hence the nick-name "Pig Boats". In my book, the men who served in those unsafe and often untested death traps had balls of iron. Maybe that's why they walked so funny.

"Diesel Boats Forever". I know, I know, I just posted this a short time ago, but since it's appropriate to this post, gonna post it again.