Friday, August 06, 2010

"Let em eat cake"

But first....


Now Sir, after get'n several E-mails frum differant folks about this topic, and then read'n an article that Patrick had posted over at his place, this subject got under my skin so much so that I just had to put in my 2 cents and HO.

Well Sir, while a great many unemployed folks are wonder'n how to put food on the table and save their homes from foreclosure, Michelle Obama, ( who is now being referred to by some media types as "Marie Antoinette"), is trapse'n around Spain with one of her daughters, 40 of her friends and family dog. Now Sir, y'all remember who Ms. Marie Antoinette was dont'cha? While the French people were starving and she was living a very opulent/luxurious life style as Queen, she commented "Let them eat Cake".

Now Sir, I don't begrudge her the need for a break and/or a vacation, we all need to get away from daily pressures from time to time, but this little jaunt to a 5 star hotel is costing YOU and I a bundle of the taxpayers money. In fairness, she and her friends are paying some of the expenses but we tax payers are picking up a very sizable portion of the tab.

The cost of ALL the Security staff and their room/meal costs. The cost of the "support staff" and their rooms. The horrendous costs of Air Force 2 (sometimes its Air Force 1), and one dozen cars they have retained to drive them all around. BTW, there is also NO State/Official reason for this trip. Also BTW, unless I'm misinformed, the family dog went on yet a separate plane. This trip is just a vacation. Hmmm, how many vacations does that make now, can anyone tell me. You can go the 2 below news links and get an idea of the expenses this is cost'n us. Make sure you take yur blood pressure and heart meds.

To me, this trip, at this time when this country is in the worst economic condition it's been in for many years, out of control government spending, unemployment at 9.5%, folks losing everything and no good news on the horizon, just shows either a complete lack of class or complete disrespect by Queen Michelle for the American people and what we are going through. I don't think that even Hillary would have spit in our eye like this if these same circumstances were in play when she was 1st Lady, and I know that that classy, caring and compassionate Eleanor Roosevelt would not even have entertained the idea, let alone done it.

Help me out here, can any of you think of any other 1st Lady who, with the country being in the financial condition it is, would have taken such an opulent and expensive trip like this in such "hard times"?

Ms. Obama, where is your sense of timing, your decorum, your compassion and understanding of what us "common folks" are going through? This was SO inappropriate at this time.