Monday, August 09, 2010



Now Sir, here be an EXCELLENT example of the result of familial inbreeding.

This is a local TV show somewheres in Alabama patterned after "COPS". In Syracuse, NY we call these kind of folks "59ers". This woman is ecstatic about her sisters arrest and the fact she's gonna be on "County Law", the local "COPS" style program.
I'm sure my old brother in blue compadre "Sig" can relate to this.

I musta had about 10 people send me this video today, so I'll just say thanks to all of ya fer send'n it.


**SIGH**, Does this man ever, EVER tell the truth??

IMHO, this President continues to be the biggest liar that has ever held the
office of POTUS (with the possible exception of BJ Willie). He wouldn't know the truth if it bit him in the ass. As smart as he claims to be he must have flunked mathematics. "My father served in WWII."

You Tube-- Here is our "President-in-Chief" caught on a video in a
blatant lie that his father served in World War II. Amazing since his
father was born April 4, 1936.

That would make him three years old when the war started and nine years old
when the war ended. Odd, of all the WWII vets I have known and interviewed,
I've never heard one of them mention that they served with a 4 to 9 year old black
soldier during the war. Perhaps it was because the American Armed Forces were
still segregated' and their paths just never crossed with the little guy's.
OH Wait! Wasn't his daddy frum Africa? Boy, this is getting complicated.

Oh Well, since Cookie has so much respect and admiration fer him, I'll just give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that maybe he just mispoke.....


...and here be some excellent examples of great parenting skills....NOT!!

"Its OK everybody. I have a plastic bag over her head so she won't catch a cold."