Thursday, September 02, 2010

"Stupid is as Stupid does."

My good friend John Yowan from Chanute, Kansas sent me this UNBELIEVABLY STUPID and completely IGNORANT woman and her YouTube posting. This is almost beyond belief.

"There were NO rainbows 20 years ago!"


How in God's name did this Admiral keep a straight face??

Thanks Susan for reminding me of how screwed we actually are!!


This 64 year old man had just returned from a charity event and injured himself on the stairs to his home. As the paramedics who treated him were leaving, a couple of completely stupid asshole deputy sheriffs (who give the rest of us a bad name) wound up tasering the man three times, continually telling him to "stop resisting".


Well Sir, this is undoubtedly a top priority for our congressional folks to be addressing. Ferget the economy, the horrible unemployment situation, an unbelievable national debt etc., etc., etc.. Lets use our time wisely and go after steriod users. This congressmans stupidity becomes even more evident as the vidoe goes on.


Hmmm, sumthin stinks in our great halls of government. **SIGH**, and we elected these idiots. What does this say about us voters? Sleep well tonight, our government has things well in hand.