Thursday, December 09, 2010

Friday Funnies. What's under the scotsman's kilt?? A couple of OBG's.

But first......

Remind's me a little of my old "Boat", The USS Piper, SS-409.

One night while standing a "topside" watch while anchored out in Salem, Mass. port, one crew member, returned from the liberty launch really as "drunk as a Sailor" and did in fact hit his jaw(head) on every rung going down the After-Battery ladder. What a massive and painfull hangover he had the next morning.

Oooooh, Ooooooh, be still my heart! Like Will Smith said in the movie Independence Day, "I have GOT to get me one of these!" My dream BBQ!


I'm sure Y'all will get a good chuckle outta this one!!


...and our illustrious Congress is now vote'n on "The Dream Act", which is gonna cost us ALL a ton of bucks!


The Del-Vikings with "Come Go With Me."

...and...better known locally as "The Jersey Boys"...

1963, my first year of college and you guessed it, I was date'n a girl named "Sherry". I was drive'n my big brothers 57 hard-top convertable T-Bird in the summer and my 57 Chevy convertable in the snowy months. Times were good!