Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Sometimes, Truth is truly stranger than fiction!

1947 was a pivotal year in regards to strange objects being observed in our skies. In that year, a supposed UFO crashed at Rosewell, NM, and Kenneth Arnold, a pilot and professional man, observed some very strange flying objects over the Cascade Mountains in Washington State.

The first picture below is an artist rendering of Mr. Arnold's description of what these several objects looked like. During a later interview, he described their flight characteristics as "saucers skipping across water". He did NOT describe them as as being ROUND like a saucer, but, to the press, the term "flying saucer" had more appeal and the term has stuck to this day.

The next several photographs and artist rendition are of the Horten 229, the first "stealth" "Flying Wing" type aircraft that was in fact built by the Horten brothers (2 German Officers) toward the end of WWII. The end of the war stopped the mass production of this type of aircraft, one of which was going to be designated as "The New York Bomber". In that they were early stealth type aircraft because of their shape and ability to deflect our early radar, a bombing raid on NY City (which would have been possible by this aircraft), would have been devastating and completely unexpected..

Most of you reading this article know that at the end WWII, special teams were sent into Germany to capture their leading scientists and engineers, and to confiscate their latest technology. This is evidenced by Werner Von Braun, the captured Nazi scientist responsible for designing and building the V-1 and V-2 bombs/missile's, who later became the leading engineer/designer of our early space program. When captured, he was working on the V-3 ICBM(Intercontinental Ballistic Missile), something the Germans named "The New York Bomb" as it would have been capable of reaching NYC from Germany.

German technology was far ahead of the rest of the world and we were all very fortunate that the war ended when it did, if given another year, the Germans probably would have completed their first Nuclear device (they were working on Atomic projects near the wars end), and they would have had both the V-3 and/or "The New York Bomber" to deliver a nuclear weapon.

I personally believe that the aircraft Kenneth Arnold first observed in 1947 were captured German Horten 229's and he did NOT observe "extraterrestrial spacecraft".

Yet another project German engineers were working on was the "Wunderwaffen" (wonder weapon), or also known as "Die Glocke" ( or The Bell), .

These are two artist sketch's and renditions of what it purportedly looked like.

"Die Glocke" was described as having 2 counter rotating magnetic fields which caused the object to fly, or defy gravity, however, it emitted such a strong, unknown type of radiation that it killed several of the scientist working on the project, and "The Bell" was unable to be controlled.

Interestingly enough in December of 1965, an object very similar to "Die Glocke" fell to earth in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. The object was witnessed (on the ground) by several local people, one a reporter who took pictures of the object but had his camera confiscated by the Military Response Team that responded to the crash.

This is a photo of a model of the object still present in Kecksburg, PA, look familiar. BTW (Chief), please skip the wise-ass remarks that it must have been one big-ass Oak tree that this fell from.

I'll let the readers draw their own conclusions regarding these various UFO's, but remember, UFO simply means UNIDENTIFIED Flying Object, it doesn't necessarily mean extraterrestrial spacecraft.

Hope some of y'all found this interesting, I know I find some of these topics fascinating.