Saturday, September 04, 2010

Party Animals!

Now Sir, this here next video reminds me of....well...ah, ME, back in the day when I was with the Seabee's and stationed at Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba). On Liberty weekends, hisself and a couple of shipmates used to go to Montego Bay and/or Kingston Jamaica, Hamilton, Bermuda, Nassau Bahama's (fer some Bahama Mommas), St. Thomas/St. John's or St. Criox., etc.. Although the background scenery's look familiar, **sigh**, I gotta say that because of "151" Jamaican rum (75.5% alcohol), it sorta erased most of the specific memories. Just as well perhaps.

Talk about act'n "Squirrelly"...

Puss & Booze.

Uh Oh......this could be trouble.

...and me favorite old Sea Shanty....