Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stop putting birdseed in the bird feeder!! Update!

But first this UPDATE! Womenfolk are never satisfied with our efforts!!


In the past I posted a short story about a man, who, at the urging of his wife (who was a Democrat BTW) put up a bird feeder on his patio/deck. Shortly, every type of bird in the area was frequenting the feeder all day long. As this avian patronage of the feeder continued, the area around the feeder became messy with spilt bird seed, and shortly thereafter, tons of "bird-shit". There was bird shit all over the patio/deck, the outside chairs and table and the sliding glass doors. It was not safe to enjoy the area because folks, and their food and drinks were being pooped on while trying relax outside and enjoy the day.

Eventually the neighborhood cats learned of this smorgasbord of fresh birdies and the deck became even more fouled with dead birds and feathers, and occasionally some cat shit.

Flummoxed, the man asked his neighbor what he should do to correct the problem. The neighbor answered "Stop Feeding The Birds Stupid!"

This short 3 minute video gives you an idea of the Health Care costs regarding illegal aliens...and this is just ONE hospital!!

To all our Congressmen/Congresswomen, STOP FEEDING THE DAMNED BIRDS STUPID!!, or we'll stop feeding y'all.


"SoCalPal" said; "It was on the News yesterday that the County of Los Angeles spent 1.6 Billion dollars in 2010 on illegal aliens in their area (and this is after all the 'benefits' provided by the illegals are factored in). This amount does NOT included the cost of education of these people. The County of Los Angeles is officialy bankrupt as is the State of California.
When legal citizens demand the removal of illegals to their home country, they are instantly labeled 'racists' and completely ignored. California has been completely overwhelmed by the flood of illegals. This flood of 'invaders' is strongly endorsed by the Democrat Party, the Catholic Church, the News Media, the Public School System and Big Business!"


Well Sir, now this removal method be different!