Saturday, January 08, 2011

Take a few moments., and about Commenting.

Y'all will find this video very much unlike Cookie's usual posts, but if for no other reason than for your loved ones, take a few moments and please watch.

Both during my career as a Detective Sergeant, and later for about 14 years, I worked in the periphery of the medical field and spent much time in ER's and Hospitals, and twice in my life have witnessed similar events. When ya see things like this with yur own eye's it tends t'make one a real believer. I know there are those of Y'all out there who will chalk this up to "Coincidence", but one thing I've learned in 66 years of living,

"Coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous."

Gotta Thank my good friend and com-patriot "Brownie" frum Oswego, NY fer send'n me that.

With my comment section disabled thanks to ECHO Commenting, I've started adding comments to the end of the blog-post by hand. I can see the comments left in the comment section but cannot moderate or post them so I'll try to get yur comments up if'n I have the time so please bear with me, Thanks Mates!