Friday, March 17, 2006

When a ship has a problem..The Captain is ultimately responsible.....Irish Potata Soup...

Well Sir...unless things have changed, when I was in the Navy ( First Mate on Noah's Arc) the Captain was always, and unequivocally responsible for any problems occurin on a ship or command, whether it be with his crew or mechanical problems. it seems that information has been leaked (see The Dread Pundit Bluto or The Jawa Report) that TSA screeners at 21 airports failed all the secret tests that Federal Investigators put them to. At no point did they (or their Explosive Detecting machines) detect bomb making materials and components that the investigators placed in test luggage. Here's a little blurb about how they (the TSA) answered an NBC query......"The Transportation Security Administration responded with a statement to NBC:
"The Transportation Security Administration would not comment on the tests, but issued a statement to NBC News, saying "detecting explosive materials and IEDs at the checkpoint is TSA's top priority." The agency also said screeners are now receiving added training to help identify these materials." Well Sir...this last statement about the" screeners gettin added training" certainly implies that all the problem(s) are with the screeners......not s'fast amigo. If'n y'all can...try t'remember the news images on the 6:30 National News of Tom Ridge (First TSA Director) lounging in a deck chair in Hawaii with a cocktail in his a Homeland Security Conference...while the meeting was a goin well as all them TSA higher ups a swimmin in the ocean.....while the meeting was a goin on....y'all recall those images? And maybe y'all can remember that when reporters tried to ask them why they was a swimmin and wasn't in the conference...while the meeting was a goin on...they arrogantly walked away a laughin and a pooh- pooh'n the reporters. Havin many very reliable professional frends that wurk fer the TSA...I know thems t'be a supervisory top heavy outfit with a bunch a hard wurkin, dedicated and over-wurked screeners tryin t'protect their country and the fly'n public. Like Mr. Bluto says....the upper levels of the TSA are permeated with Chronyism n Nepatism and not with capable adept management people....but... they's all a smart enuff t'have "scapegoats" a stationed along the management trail that they can be a pointin their fingers at in times a trubble....i.e....Michael Brown (FEMA) fer example. No Sir.... all the problems ain't with the screeners...No Sir....much of it has t'do with the dysfunctional management thats responsible fer oversee'n and a trainin the screeners...and ultimately... Mr. Chertoff....but I'm shur that if the heat gets hot enuff...he's got a scapegoat under him somewhere he can be a pointin his finger at....but....I guess thats just my way a thinkin. Vince Aut Morire has s'more on all this also......Now...fer some real great Irish Potata Soup that me "Irish Lass" of a wife makes this time of the year.....Irish Potato Soup

3-4 large Baking Potato’s..peeled & cut into thin slices
½ Cup salted Butter
3-4 Leeks…sliced
1 Onion…thinly sliced
3 cans of a good chicken broth
1 pinch of Salt
½ teaspoon Pepper

Toppin’s: either cooked & crumbled bacon, chopped fresh chives or shredded cheese (the kind you like)…or all of these.

In the melted Butter, Saute’ the sliced Onions and the Leek in a large saucepan over LOW heat…cover and cook for 15-20 minutes or so. Stir in the sliced Potatos, and cover and cook for another 15 minutes. Now…add the broth, salt & pepper and bring to a boil…then reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes (or until potato’s are tender). If you want...add a teaspoon of Garlic Powder into the soup at this point. Remove from heat and let cool.

Pour into a blender and blend until nice and smooth. Return to saucepan and re-heat and serve…with any or all of the toppings.