Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Update on South Korean Sub on USPS Commemorative.....

Along with Jack Sandy ( who originally discovered the flaw), we contacted the good folks at ASC, who were commissioned to produce this US Navy Commemorative that somehow contained a South Korean Submarine where a United States "boat" should be. Unlike the management folks we contacted at our illustrious United States Postal Service, who gave us nothing but a bureaucratic run-around, ASC immediately got back to us with these prompt and courteous responses.


Thank you for letting us know about the Submarine. It actually was brought to our attention just last week. This piece was approved by the Navy and we obtained our images from them. We obviously never intended to insult the Navy and are currently destroying over 2000 prints and replacing the image. Please accept our apology and know that we are rectifying the situation immediately.


Lisa Koryga

...based on this communique, some doofus somewhere in the Navy authorized the entry of this picture into this commemorative. I personally think that his or her next duty station should be either somewhere in Antartica, Adak Alaska or Gitmo, Cuba.

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