Monday, May 19, 2008

Cookie's checkered, and musical past...... and "Think before ya speak"....

Well of the main aspects about bloggin is to chronicle, and/or journal, events and situations of yur life, past and present, that were/are, the defining moments that make you what you are today.

Now, I know that this followin story might be a tad hard fer some of ya to envision, but back in the Cookie's high school and college days, I was a pretty damned good singer, dancer and actor(even if'n I do say so myself). However, these talents went un-discovered up until midway through my Junior year in High School because I was hangin around with a pretty bad-ass gang of guys. Gang fights, car thefts, burglaries, a stabbing or two and an all around trouble maker for all my teachers. My grades were just about all failing and the prospect of graduation seemed all but impossible.

Then, my English teacher, spotted some attributes about me that even I didn't know were present. One, I wasn't half bad at writing, and two, since I was always "acting out" in some way or another to get attention, she set up a meeting between her, the school music teacher and myself. At the meeting, to my great surprise ( I thought it was going to be a disciplinary meeting for something or another that I had done), she strongly recommended to the music teacher, that I become a part of one of the school's upcoming musical entertainment nights, "West Side Story".

Naturally, since I had quite a bad rep, the music teacher strongly objected and expressed her grave reservations. My English teacher convinced the music teacher to give me a try, explaining that I was already a bad-ass gang member and my presence would add authenticity to the musical itself.

Cutting to the chase, I surprised everyone, including myself, by performing very well and enjoying every minute of the rehearsals. Learning the lines, the songs, the dance choreography and the acting itself all seemed somehow natural. I only had to punch out one asshole who made the mistake of laughing at me one time when I flubbed one of the dance routines. From there on out, no one ever did that again, at least not in front of me. Suffice it to say, that idea and intercession of my English teacher had a profound life changing affect on the rest of my life. I wound up graduating High School with honors, and had even had one of my Sci-Fi short stories published in a "pulp-fiction" publication.

Eventually, I would go on to perform in several college productions, and during the summer, I did some Summer-Stock in New Jersey and also worked as a waiter in a place called "Vacation Valley" in the Pocono's. The job entailed much more than being a waiter. After all the meals had been served, most of the staff would perform various Broadway musicals that were popular at the time, South Pacific, My Fair Lady, and of course West Side to name just a few. It was the only job I ever had that I had to actually audition for. The male staff was also expected to socialize and dance with any unescorted female guests who were observed to be by themselves and not having a good time during various functions. Seriously, think of Patrick Swayzee in "Dirty Dancing", that was my job, and the part I enjoyed the most, for very obvious reasons.

Oddly enuff, almost every character I played, I was, or became. A gang member, a Sailor, a Cop, and I've always been a country boy.....

OK...nuff ramblin fer now. Here are some video's of some of the skits from some of the plays and shows I was in.....

"The Jet Song"....West Side Story....

"Gee Officer Krupke" from West Side Story....

"There is nothing like a Dame"....South Pacific....

"With a little bit of Luck"...My Fair Lady

...and "The Barnraising Brawl"...Seven Brides fer Seven Brothers...


...and me good compadre Patrick warns us all about the importance of thinkin carefully before we speak.......

Y'all gonna really like this one.....

Always think before you speak..!!!!!

This is a great example of 'did I say that out loud???'

This happened at UWI in October last year. In an
OESH class, the Professor was discussing the high glucose levels found in
semen which gives the sperm all the energy for their journey.

A female Masters' candidate raised her hand and
asked, 'If I understand you correctly, you're saying there is a lot of
glucose, as in sugar, in semen?'

'That's correct,' responded the professor, going on
to add statistical info.

Raising her hand again, she asked,

'Then why doesn't it taste sweet?'

After a stunned silence, the whole class burst out laughing.

The poor girl's face turned bright red, and as she
realised exactly what she had inadvertently said (or rather implied), she
picked up her books without a word and walked out of class, never to

However, as she was going out the door, the
professor's reply was classic. Totally straight-faced he answered her

'It doesn't taste sweet because the taste buds for
sweetness are on the tip of your tongue and not in the back of your