Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Thuds and Fractured Friday.....and wait till Y'all read this OIL report!

Well Sir....Missy Susan from Texas started the day by bustin my balls with this little gem....

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Well Now....somehow, Missy Susan from Eagle Lake, done got a hold of some video of some of my old brothers in arms makin some traffic stops in downtown Syracuse.....
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Well ain't this just freakin lovely.....maybe some of Y'all out there knew about this already...but it was news to Cookie...

Susan G. sent me this and it really blew my I'm sure it will do the same to you. If this don't piss ya off...nuthin will....

I googled and read the web site, and it appears to be legitimate info. We need to let our congressional reps know how we feel on this one. Can't believe this has been known for 2 years and hasn't gotten any press, at least that I have seen or heard.

1. Ever heard of the Bakken Formation?

GOOGLE it or follow this link. It will blow your mind.

The U.S. Geological Service issued a report in April ('08) that only scientists and oilmen knew was coming, but man was it big. It was a revised report (hadn't been updated since '95) on how much oil was in this area of the western 2/3 of North Dakota; western South Dakota; and extreme eastern Montana ... check THIS out:

The Bakken is the largest domestic oil discovery since Alaska 's Prudhoe Bay , and has the potential to eliminate all American dependence on foreign oil. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates it at 503 billion barrels. Even if just 10% of the oil is recoverable... at $107 a barrel, we're looking at a resource base worth more than $5.3 trillion.

'When I first briefed legislators on this, you could practically see their jaws hit the floor. They had no idea, says Terry Johnson, the Montana Legislature's financial analyst.

'This sizable find is now the highest-producing onshore oil field found in the past 56 years,' reports The Pittsburgh Post Gazette. It's a formation known as the Williston Basin , but is more commonly referred to as the 'Bakken.' And it stretches from Northern Montana, through North Dakota and into Canada . For years, U. S. oil exploration has been considered a dead end. Even the 'Big Oil' companies gave up searching for major oil wells decades ago. However, a recent technological breakthrough has opened up the Bakken's massive reserves... and we now have access of up to 500 billion barrels. And because this is light, sweet oil, those billions of barrels will cost Americans just $16 PER BARREL!
>That's enough crude to fully fuel the American economy for 41 years straight.

2. And if THAT didn't throw you on the floor, then this next one should - because it's from TWO YEARS AGO, people! U.S.Oil Discovery- Largest Reserve in the World!
Stansberry Report Online - 4/20/2006 Hidden 1,000 feet beneath the surface of the Rocky Mountains lies the largest untapped oil reserve in the world is more than 2 TRILLION barrels. On August 8, 2005 President Bush mandated its extraction.

They reported this stunning news: We have more oil inside our borders, than all the other proven reserves on earth. Here are the official estimates:

>-8-times as much oil as Saudi Arabia
>-18-times as much oil as Iraq
>-21-times as much oil as Kuwait
>-22-times as much oil as Iran
>-500-times as much oil as Yemen - and it's all right here in the Western United States .

HOW can this BE? HOW can we NOT BE extracting this!? Because the democrats, environmentalists and left wing republicans have blocked all efforts to help America become independent of foreign oil.

James Bartis, lead researcher with the study says we've got more oil in this very compact area than the entire Middle East -more than 2 TRILLION barrels. Untapped. That's more than all the proven oil reserves of crude oil in the world today, reports The Denver Post.

Don't think 'OPEC' will drop its price - even with this find? Think again! It's all about the competitive marketplace, - it has to. Gee....ya think the Oil Companies, who are making absolutely obscene profits really want to let this out and start drilling so they'd make less money per barrel...??? And we're concerned about ANWR...Riiiight!

Have I got your attention/ire up yet? Hope so! Now, while you're thinking about it ... and hopefully as pissed off as I am, do this:

3. Take 10 minutes and compose an e-mail; fax or good old-fashioned letter to all your friends and associates. Alert them to the fact that democrats and 'liberal' republicans have been and will continue to obstruct all plans to make America independent of foreign oil.

If you don't take a little time to do this, then you should stifle yourself the next time you want to complain about gas prices .. because by doing NOTHING, you've forfeited your right to complain.

...and "fits" will just LOVE this story...apparently true....


George Phillips of Meridian , Mississippi was going up to bed when his wife told him that he'd left the light on in the garden shed, which she could see from the bedroom window.

George opened the back door to go turn off the light but saw that there were people in the shed stealing things.

He phoned the police, who asked 'Is someone in your house?' and he said 'no'. Then they said that all
patrols were busy, and that he should simply lock his door and an officer would be along when available.

George said, 'Okay,' hung up, counted to 30, and phoned
the police again.'Hello, I just called you a few seconds ago because there were people stealing things from my shed. Well, you don't have to worry about them now because I just shot them.' Then he hung up.

Withi n five minutes six police cars, a SWAT Team, a helicopter, two fire trucks, a paramedic and an ambulance
showed up at the Phillips' residence and caught the burglars red-handed ..

One of the Policemen said to George: 'I thought you said that you'd shot them!'

George said, 'I thought you said there was nobody available!'(True Story)

I LOVE IT - Don't mess with old people.

Say hello to "Charlie The Cat".....

**BTW....back when I was a Detective Sergeant, I once sent a man to prison for rape of a young girl, and after the first couple of days, he walked just like Charlie the cat!** Ah Yes...prison justice....

...and finally, "Chigago Charlie" introduces us to the smartest man in prison....