Thursday, August 21, 2008

Casual the "fer what it's wurth department"...

Photobucket Well Sir....the following is just an opinion of Cookie's mind ya. Fer the last few days I've been watchin some events rather closely. The first is the fact that John McCain has had a sudden upward bounce in certain poll's, and the second is that he may possibly be considerin picking Tom Ridge, former director of the Homeland Security (and the TSA) Department as his VP running mate.

OK, now, I'm not a huge McCain fan to begin with as there are several aspects regarding John's policies and positions that I definitely DO NOT agree with, but, as I look back over the years, I have never completely agreed with all of the positions of all the candidates I have ever voted for over these many years, and, if'n yur a regular reader of this c'here blog, Y'all know that I would NEVER vote for that inept, partial birth abortion supportin, useless oxygen waster, Barack Obama, even with a gun pointed at my head. So...given the choices I have, unless something very radical changes or comes to light regardin John McCain, I'll be a votin fer him come November.

Now Sir, I don't know exactly what is responsible for McCain's upsurge in the polls, but I'm happy for him, and encouraged over the fact that Obama has lost some popularity among certain elements of his base, mainly the 18 to 29 year old age group. Maybe...just maybe, they've stopped looking at all the charismatic fluff and change bullshit, and started looking at his complete lack of experience and his past, extremely liberal voting record and where he stands on the important issues that face our great nation. One can only hope...can't one?

Well Sir, when I read about Tom Ridge, my blood pressure literally skyrocketed, and I'll tell ya why. Two reasons. First off, Ridge is an avid supporter of abortion, something this Cookie will NEVER support. I believe in the right to life more than the right of one human being to have it within their power to arbitrarily take that life (except for imminent death health reasons and conception that resulted from rape or incest). I know this view will not endear me to certain readers of my blog, but that's my view and it will never change. So, if'n I loose a reader or two, so be it. I've always thought it would interesting to see if a supporter of abortion were to actually witness the absolute horror of a partial birth abortion and still maintain their position. I don't care what ya's the murder of a completely defenseless little human being, plain and simple!

Secondly, this Cookie worked for the TSA (Transportation Security Agency) almost from it's beginning, and, while it was under the command of Tom Ridge, and I can honestly say that never, in my 50 some years of being in the workforce, in my Military experience and my 21 years of Law Enforcement and business, have I ever had the unfortunate experience of working for one of the most dysfunctional, chaotic and management arrogant organizations I have ever witnessed or been a part of. It was a truly horrendous experience and I know that that kind of management arrogance and sense of entitlement comes from the top down. In all fairness, it is now my understanding from folks that continue to work for the TSA that, since Ridge left that position, things in Homeland Security have gotten much much better.

I'll never forget a news broadcast I saw once. This Nation was at an elevated level of security because of some threat or anuther, and a great many upper level TSA Management folks were in Hawaii for a conference of some sort (nice place to hold a conference at taxpayer's expense huh). At any rate, the news broadcast began by showing Tom Ridge and few of his cronies sitting poolside sipping on, presumably, some cocktails, and according to the reporter, WHILE THE CONFERENCE WAS BEING CONDUCTED!. Other Management level folks were having a grand old time swimming, surfing and cavorting on the beaches, again, according to the reporter, WHILE THE MEETINGS WERE BEING HELD!

The news reporter tried to interview one of these folks by asking them if they shouldn't be attending the important meetings that were in progress instead of having fun swimming, surfing and drinking. He was very rudely and arrogantly told to mind his own business by the TSA person, who, while smirking and scoffing at the reporter, then beat a hasty retreat toward the Hotel. And was this kind of an arrogant, "I'm entitled", elitist attitude that permeated the TSA management I had the unfortunate privilege to meet and work for.

John McCain, if you pick Tom Ridge as your running mate, you might just as well kiss this election goodbye and retire into obscurity, because not only will I and all of my extended family NOT vote for you, but neither will many hundreds of thousands of other good Americans who believe in both the sanctity of life, AND the ability of our nation's Commander in Chief to make sound and fact based decisions. Picking Tom Ridge will not demonstrate sound decision making abilities on your part and will anger a great, great many of us.

....and if'n ya do pick Tom Ridge...all I got t'say to you is.....

Photobucket always...this is just my opinion.....

Hmmmph... and maybe someday I'll tell Y'all just how I REALLY feel bout Mr. Ridge...