Monday, September 08, 2008

Some photygraffs of Sarah...and Somethin t'ponder.....

Well Sir...lookin at these here photygraffs is almost a sexual experience....specially if'n Y'all ever rode a bike, fished or hunted....



"Charlie The Cop" tells us a story regardin a conversation he once had with his Dad....

** Click to Enlarge if'n ya cain't read it.**


Now be a MAJOR "Awww Shit!"....


Well Sir...whilst I was this here cartoon frum "The Gunny", a thought occurred to me...and more than likely, the same thought has occurred to y'all as well, either on a conscious or unconscious level.

We've all been receiving various articles, posts and cartoons regardin the lovely Ms. Palin, some lauding her beauty, accomplishments and courage, others attacking her on various levels, BUT, have y'all noticed that, for the most part, she's being compared to Obama most of the time, not Biden. Here she is running for VP, and she's being attacked by the Yellowstream media and Democrats as if she were a Presidential candidate, not a VP candidate. For the most part, John McCain has been shoved out of the spotlight and temporarily side-lined.

I've been around this here world fer over 60 some years, and I do not ever recall an election where the opposing party (and media) spent so much time attacking and smearing the VP candidate, nor consistantly comparing him/her, to the Presidential candidate.

Now Sir...I know it's obvious to most that her accomplishment's definately far and away exceed those of the Democratic Presidential candidate (...ah...what's his name again), and many of us are not doing backflips over McCain himself as we disagree, to a greater or lesser degree with some of his policies and beliefs. So I believe the below cartoon actually kinda sums up what some of us are thinking, either consciously or unconsciously..... y'all think the Dem's are perhaps a little afraid of Ms. Palin and the excitement and previous government experience she brings to this election?


"What's not to like?.....


"Red State UPDATE":