Friday, January 23, 2009

"Blago's Fire Dept.", Calling All "Investigative Bloggers"....and Check out these moves!

But First...somebody told me this was "Blagojevich's Fire Department"...


OK all you "Big Time" bloggers out there (not me, I'm just a little guy), I heard a news blurb on the news last evening that a "Very High and responsible source in Governor Paterson's Administration" had stated (under conditions of anonymity) that one of the reasons Caroline Kennedy withdrew is because she is havin an affair with New York Times Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr.

Since I'm just a little guy with almost no time to verify or check this out, I'm "Leavin it all up to You"(like the song goes) to see what you can find out and learn. I checked several websites last evening and this morning and found nothing regarding this matter. Hmmmm....could it be, that is is NOT true, OR...dast I say it, because she's a Kennedy, or a Democrat, and the main stream media are not touching this one.

So, if this story is true, and I'm most certainly not sayin it is, I would like some other blogger with more time and resources available to him or her to verify and report....

WHOA! Check out these moves....VERY IMPRESSIVE!!

A Cookshack THANKS to "FishinMagician" frum up Buffalo, NY way fer sendin that video along....