Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Only time will tell....

As most of you probably did, I watched almost all of the inauguration ceremonies on this date. My wife stated, "this is indeed an historic date", to which I agreed, and further replied, "only time will tell if it will be a GREAT date, I pray so."

I did not vote for now President Obama, and, at least in principle, disagree with some of his policies, but while listening to his inaugural speech, which I indeed found most inspiring, I can only hope and pray that he can live up to his promise and potential.

I care not about the color of his skin. I have a mixed family of my own and my grandchildren are half black. I am a conservative Republican and believe in the traditional values of this country that I was raised and grew up with. From what I garnered from President Obama's speech, he has asked us to guard these older values well, and proceed forward with yet newer ideas and concepts to augment these values and traditions. I truly liked what I heard the man say.

Some of my fellow conservative blog-mates have expressed their doubts, fears and frustrations regarding the future of our great country, and I too have felt and experienced these feeling. But, I ask those of you who may want to continue fighting this political, and perhaps social change, to, for the sake of our great country, to get behind your(My) President and support him to the best of your ability.

Many of you recall that after G.W. Bush was elected, a large faction of left wing liberals who believed that Bush had stolen the election continued to fight and interfere with almost everything the man proposed and tried to do, smearing him at every chance. Something we labeled BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome).These attitudes and actions, especially those of most MSM, led to a very divided and angry nation.

I ask my fellow Republicans and conservatives, do not become like those who you and I despised so much for what they did. Yes, I may harbour resentments for what I believe they did to our nation, but for me to become like them, well, I care not to go down that road.

Give our new President a chance, support him, and disagree with him appropriately when/if the time comes, but please mates, for the sake of this great nation, do not become like those who maligned and harassed G.W. Bush for all those years, for you will be no better than those who you now presently despise so much, if you do.

May God Bless America!