Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Follies....

Well Sir, fer all you folks out there who might be try'n t'have twins as the newest additions to yur families, here's how y'all do it!

"Hydrogen Barackside"


Just a quick update regardin "Mugsy". First off, when I got this guy as a kitten, he was supposed to be a Ragdoll type cat, however, as it turns out, he is definately more of a Siamese, a breed I don't particularly really care for. Having had several cats over my life, I am accustomed to just crazy young cats and kittens can be, BUT, this cat is completely "Dinky Doa" (Vietnamese for crazy). Because he so thoroughly wacked out, I have officially changed his name to "BUGSY" as it is much more apropos.

Anybody want a cat???

Now Sir, the day before AOL decided that they didn't want me to receive or be able to open any E-Mail anymore, I received this first photygraff of the "Welcome Mat" from "The Chief's" house.

I immediately grabbed my digital camera and took the second photygraff (which I promptly sent to the chief) of the "Welcome Bear" I have outside my hacienda. What is the most scary to me is just how much "the Chief" and myself think alike....Brrrr.


OK men, although I don't drink anymore, and with the weekend a commin, I thought I'd give all the menfolk (and womenfolk)out there, this here warnin about beer sent to me by my old high school buddy, John Keating from out Detroit way. THANKS JOHN!!

**Sigh**, unfortunately, been there, done that.



I wants t'thank "Chicago Charlie", "Fish", Susan Gertson, and "the Chief" fer some of the above submissions to The Shack. GRASSYASS Amiga's and Amigo's!!!