Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some real life political humor, and "The NEW Marine recruits".

This is 23rd Congressional District (Upstate NY) Candidate Doug Hoffman. He is a Conservative Republican who represents all of the conservative values that most of my readers and myself adhere to.

Doug was interviewed by Glenn Beck yesterday on his radio show and he was so impressed with his down the line Conservative values that Glenn has been invited Doug to be on his TV program today, the 22nd of October. Watch if'n you want to learn more about this good man, I'm sure you'll be impressed by him as much as many of us here in NY are. Doug is endorsed by Fred Thompson, Michelle Malkin and many other conservative organizations and groups. He is an NRA member. To me, one of the most important values he represents is that he is Pro-Life.

This also a republican candidate for the same race, here name is DeDe Scozzafava. Although she's a republican, she is UBER LIBERAL, even more liberal than her Democratic opponent, in fact she is so liberal that she is actually supported by Nancy Pelosi's people.

Now Sir, here be humor I was talkin about. Wait till y'all watch this photo op that Dede Scozzafava held yesterday. You don't have to watch the entire thing, just about 10 seconds of it to see how horribly wrong it went wrong for the completely oblivious Ms. Scozzfava. I think you'll get a kick outta it.

Remember, this Scozzafava's photo op but look at all the signs behind her.

Now Sir, Doug Hoffman is gaining rapidly in the polls because he TRULY represents our conservative values, and if elected, will help even out the balance of power in Washington, making this a local election that will have national ramifications.

If'n Y'all would like to support and help Doug Hoffman, please go his campaign website. With your help, we can help shift the balance of power in Washington.

I been led to understand that these are the newest Marine recruits....