Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Fort Hood shooter...on Obama's Homeland Security Transition Team!!

One of the main questions being asked regarding the Fort Hood shooter, Nidal Hassan, is why in Gods name, with all the red flags this man and his activities raised wasn't he investigated further?

Well Sir, a good friend on mine, "MMM" just sent me this most interesting PDF. It seems that Mr. Hassan was on, get this,

Obama's Homeland Security Transition team!!!

He is on page 29 in Obama's report PDF (page 32 including the cover pages).

Now Sir, unless there is another medical person with the same name, I find this most interesting. Not necessarily surprising considering the types of people Obama (and company) have surrounded themselves with, but certainly very interesting.

I "Googled" this and found several articles about it. Now Sir, this was news to me, so I thought if'n y'all weren't aware of this I'd post it for your own edification.

Growing up, my mother always used to say that "You are judged by the company you keep!" Right or wrong, this is the way it is. Now, having said that, I'll cede that President Obama probably didn't know this, should I dare say it, "Terrorist" personally, but someone in his administration had made a gross decision to include Hassan in the Transition Team, which of course says something about the type of personnel in Obama's administration. **Sigh**, America, wake the hell up regarding this man!!

Read it for yourself.