Thursday, June 10, 2010

End of the week Frivolities and tunes!. Grab a cuppa Joe & Turn Up Yur Sound Mates.

Well Sir, as most of y'all know and read, Cookie cooked up some Lamb Chops on the BBQ last Sunday, and they came out great! So, be'n in a cook'n mood, I decided to cook up some Filet Mignon's last Monday afternoon, BUT, sumthin happened that completely ruined both my wife's appetite and mine.

Now Sir, y'all gotta remember that Cookie lives in rural, Upstate New York, in an area some folks might even call "Redneck" territory.

Sooo, when my good neighbor Clem's wife, Betty-Unis-Beauregard-Barbra-Angela (or BUBBA fer short) , decided that because it was so warm outside that she was a gonna do some BBQ cook'n also, and just as I was come'n outta the house to start the BBQ I happened to look over at their yard and.... well, you'll understand why we lost our appetites!!


Oh well, Cookie needed t'lose some weight anyhow...

Hmmm, I gotta feel'n that was my wife on the other end....


...and I think this might even be "Bubba's" brother. DUELING BANJO'S


...and here be some Patsy Cline fer y'all. **Sigh**, this lady was taken frum us WAAAY too soon.



...and we gotta have some Jerry Reed and "The Tupelo Mississippi Flash"


...and somemore Jerry Reed, "East Bound and Down"