Sunday, January 30, 2011

Monday Mix.

Now Sir, one a these here photygraffs is of a fine character actor named Pat Hingle, the other is of a cantankerous old Gyrene called "The Chief". Can ya spot who's who?


Just a mix of photygraffs I found lay'n around in Que....

"OK, smile kids! We're now RICH!!!"


Yup! Ya can take em out...but ya cain't dress em up! Learn how t'button yur coat asshat!! You dress almost as bad as yur wife!


Well Sir, that old scoundrel "The Chief" somehow got a hold of a photygraff of Cookie's long lost brother, "CupCake". Here t'is...

P.S., He was the one born with brains....I got the looks!


"The Chief" said; "Well, I guess the good thing is... he's your brother. I was afraid some mad scientist had actually cloned you! Phew! That would have been a real nightmare! Oh, and comparing me with Pat Hingle was a low blow... even for you."