Sunday, March 20, 2011

Honey! Have you seen my fur coat?? "Not Yours To Give!"

Y'all will probably watch this one more than once.


...and speak'n of Davy Crockett...

"Mike Fink", Hmmm, reminds me of somebody I once knew years back but I just cain't quite narrow it down.....

This next video is absolutely amazing!! It's a true account of an incident that occurred to Davy Crockett somewhere between 1826 and 1834 when he was a United States Congressman.

I was searching YouTube for something else related to Davy Crockett and completely by accident tripped across this, "Not Yours To Give."

What is so absolutely amazing and interesting is not just the wisdom and foresight that was spoken by an average, everyday hard working farmer approximately 185 years ago and is so pertinent and applicable to what our Congress and President are doing today that it is mind blowing. This man's basic and spot on understanding of the Constitution is so pure and simple, and it's TRUE!

This simple farmer understood our Constitution far and away better and more thoroughly than most of our Congressional representatives, and most certainly our President, do today.

PLEASE! Take 8 minutes of your valuable time and watch/listen to this video, then, if you have the fortitude, pass it on to your Congressman/Woman and our illustrious President (not that they'll listen or see the connection).

"Not Yours To Give!"