Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sometimes this is the only thing that works with a Bully (short video). Another quiz.

When Cookie was growing up back in High School, like practically all schools, ours had our share of Bully's, and one particularly nasty one named "Noah".

Now Sir, I stood 5'11" and weighed in at about 180 back then. I preferred not to fight if possible, so I intentionally walked away from a few situations were Noah and his buddies were looking to mix it up. Of course Noah and his crew thought me to be a coward, or weak, however, there came an evening were Noah and friends saw a different side of me.

After having been confronted on the street by this crew, and eventually being shoved and swung at, I responded with the same pent up rage as that of "Ralphy" in the movie "Christmas Story". I've always really loved and related to that scene.

After I literally beat (and kicked), the living daylights out of Noah and one of his loyal minions, they limped off into the night licking there wounds. After that evening, Noah not only gave me a wide berth but was eventually friendlier than hell with me from there on out. Most often, the only thing a bully respects is PAIN!

Cookie has a grand-son with Aspergers Syndrome, a form of autism. He's a big hefty lad weighing in at near 200 pounds. Like most folks with Aspergers, he wouldn't harm a fly...TRUTH! When he was in High School a few years back, like most poor kids with disabilities of some kind, he was being bullied by several assholes in the school. Some kids can be very cruel. One day he told me about what what happening to him and he asked me what I thought he should do.

I told him that violence should always be the last resort, but there are times when dealing with Bully's that it becomes necessary. I showed him a few police moves that although painful, were harmless. I instructed him to only use these when it became absolutely necessary, otherwise the bullying would simply continue.

You guessed it, there came a day when he fought back and, long story short, was never bullied again throughout the remained of High School. 

Someone just sent me this video of a kid who was being bullied and looked a lot like my grandson did when he was a little older than this kid.

Watch this bully get the shit kicked out of him with just one move. If you look at the video closely I think the bully's ankle may have been broken, or at least badly sprained. I'm certain he'll never bother the other lad ever again. As my grand-daddy woulda said, "I love it when an asshole gets their 'come-upins.'"  




1) Who/What were "The Molly Maguires?

2) Who stared in the movie?

3) What state were The Molley Maguires active in?

4) Where, and approximately when did The Molly's originate?

"Bob Winston" said; "** I'm trying to reach back on old memory of watching this Movie only once (long ago) and only partially... Movie Name "the Molly Maguires"... Ans. #1, Coal miners (?)... #2, Richard Harris... #3, Pennsylvania (?)... #4, Ireland.... When... (Guess) early 1900's... That's my best guesses... See 'ya... Bob **

COOKIE said; All of the answers are correct except for one. See if you can figure out which one Bob.