Thursday, March 10, 2011

A couple of old friends, thier blogs, a new blog...a new friend.

Well Sir, one of the things many of us enjoy bout bloggin is that on occasion we meet new folks who we immediately "click" with for whatever reason.

In the case of "The Chief", a cantankerous old Gyrene who never misses an opportunity to tell us all how "Humble" he is, we enjoy bust'n each others nuts in a typical Navy-Marine competitive spirit. He also never misses a chance to tell Cookie about my mis-spelled wurds, which, since I can't get my "spell check" to wurk on the new blogger editor anymore, are quite frequent.

BTW, here's a great example of his Ball-Busting talents.

If'n Y'all get a chance, stop over to "Smolder'n Embers in a Mohawk Campfire" and say "hey" to him (and maybe bust his chops a mite while yur there).

Well Sir, a few months back I met "Dapper Dan" who has 2 blogs, one is "The Cumberland Post" and a brand spank'n new one called  "Country Dirt".

Dan (who indeed does look "dapper" as you can see from his pic) is a published author and has a new book out called "Blood Country", a murder mystery. His blogs have an overall Country Music theme with great music videos, some of them Country, some old "Rock-A-Billy, some Bluegrass, and early rock, combined many interesting facts and events that actually occurred in the Nashville country music industry.

Throughout Dans life he has been fortunate to meet some interesting folks and celebrities in the Country music industry and the stories and accounts in his posts are most enjoyable to read.

"Dan" BTW is a retired college professor who once fed off the Liberal "cool-aid" but has since weaned himself off that foul tasting teat. He now views life and reality through a much clearer prism. Good fer you mate!

Now Sir, another old blogger and friend, "SubVet" is a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer who served his country for over 20 years aboard several nuclear Submarines, has a blog called "Blowing Sanitary #1" ( a Sub term for blowing the shit tank overboard).

SubVet is a self confessed Recovering Alcoholic (as is Cookie) who periodically, insightfully and thoroughly dissects various events and conditions in our country and this world, and then offers us his opinion(s) and idea's regarding those events (often "Spot-On"). He is also on his own spiritual journey and expounds on this on occasion.

So, in closing, if'n Y'all get a chance, stop over to these blogs, have a good read, leave a comment and tell em "Cookie sent me".


...and "The crotchety old" said; "Oh, great.... Just what I need, friends of yours, dropping by the Campfire. I guess this means I'll have to change loincloths and flush the bilge tank. Can't you just leave well enough, alone? You think they'll bring along some firewater, hopin' to get this old Injun likered up? Oh! And another thing... grownups actually use "spell check"? Reely?"

"IronTomFlint" said; "Hay Kooky! Tail thet their Cheef they is nuttin' rong wid yure spelling! Joust kolourful eufeminisms is awl it is!
I'm getting off my soapbox now..."

COOKIE said; Thanks Tom, I'll make sure the old curmudgeon reads this!

"Dapper Dan" said; "Cookie, thanks man, for the link and for mentioning me in such good company. I'm truly honored. I'll also be checking out subvets and the chief's blogs. I've got a post up today which links to your blog and to theirs as well. Thanks again."

"SubVet" said; "Thanks Cookie! Really flattered. For those who don't know, those munchkins standing in front of me are mine and the wife's. NOT my grandkids Funny how so many people think they are, must be the "Retired" word on that shirt. Couldn't have anything to do with age." :)