Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sunday sundries....

Being Sunday, lets start with some "Cute Critters"...


An English speaking cab driver in India.

My good neighbors Cletus and his brother Cletus (he's the friendly one) recently went to India to see Bollywood hoping to see Dolly Parton, and while there they saw a sign on the back of a Taxi that said : "English speaking Taxi driver."

Cletus (he's the smart one) told me they thought, "What a great idear, why don't we have them back in our country?"

Now sir, although they may be slow at times (thanks to the fact that their older brother Cletus is also their father and uncle) but sometimes they do come up with a good idea every now and agin. BTW, their older sister, Clecia is also their mother/sister.

**COOKIE'S NOTE**  Truth. Back in the day when Cookie was an Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor in one of New York State's very rural and sparsely populated counties, Oswego County, one of the things every counselor had to do during an initial evaluation was a family "Geno-gram".  A geno-gram is basically a drawing with names and connecting lines showing all the family members and how they are related to each other. On one occasion, I had a client who had family relationships very much like those facetiously described above. His father was in fact his older brother who'd had sexual relationships with his mother and the old sister had sexual relationships with their father thus producing his "brother".BTW, the brother and sister had been fool'n around also, thus resulting in yet another sibling. Now Sir, after I got done adding all the Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, WOW, my geno-gram wound up looking like a plate of tangled spaghetti. It should also be noted that as a cop, I also ran into incestuous families several times. They didn't have a "Gene Pool", theirs was much more like a very shallow gene puddle.

One of my regular readers and feller blogger,  "Signal 94",  whom I worked with for many years, also had far too many dealings with this inbred family of complete thieves, idiots and nere'do'wells.

Also, you should know that snowfall totals for many small towns and villages in Oswego County are off the charts in that they receive very heavy "Lake Effect Snow" off Lake Ontario. In February of this year the small town of Redfield, NY officially had over 310 inches of snow on the ground AT THAT TIME. I can't wait to see what the entire seasonal snow fall will be for Redfield.

Hmmmm, I wunder if'n there be a connection between those long hard winters and all the reported familial incest in that county??

Now Sir, in other news, yesterday, at The Oswego County Fair at the cattle judging contest.....



"Sig 94" said; " Cookie - the Bidwells were the most famous of the inbred niners. There were a few other familes (all originally up from Redfield way and thereabouts) but none as well known as the Bidwells - especially the brothers Albert and Emmet. I think their sister also had kids by both her brothers. I had more dealings with Emmet as he lived right on Merriman and Albert lived in 68 territory."

COOKIE said; THAT'S IT! The Bidwells. Couldn't recall their names, although after all the dealings we had with that family I shoulda remembered. I recall one time, Mike M. and myself, in a very obvious unmarked police car with the police radio blaring, parked next to the sidewalk, sat there and watched as one of them physically stole (robbery) a bike from a 10 year old kid who was crying his eyes out. The incident happened only about 10 feet from Mike as he watched in disbelief, and Bidwell looked at Mike (who was sitting in the passenger seat) and said " if you call the police I'll hunt you down and kill you." DUH!! Unbelievably stupid.
Thanks "Sig"!