Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"The Super Moon" rising over Syracuse, NY.

**Click on Photo to get a much better perspective**

Well Sir, a good friend of mine, Bob Walker, who is an excellent photographer BTW took this here photygraff of "The Super Moon" rising over Syracuse, NY and the Carrier Dome up at SU (Syracuse University). Great shot Bob, great shot.

Cookie attempted to get a shot or two of this moon as it rose over Oneida Lake but had very little success with my digital camera set in the manual mode. **Sigh**, give me an old fashioned SLR using real film and I'll be able to take a great of just about anything, however these new digitals are not my forte, thats fer damn sure.

If'n y'all wanna see some more of Bob's excellent work, go to the below link and peruse his galleries. He specializes in wild life photography but has a wide range of topics in his varied photo collection(s). You'll also get a good sense about life, americana and activities here in Central NY. I'm sure if'n you appreciate great photography you'll enjoy yourself at his galleries.