Friday, February 24, 2006

Thanks Y'all........Homemade Fish & Chips

Well sir...let me start by thankin "John" fer the nice comment regardin this chere blog, n thanks ta any a his friends that are reedin n passin on this chere pinion columm. Right now, I ken definatly use all the wurd a mouth rekomendashuns I ken git cause I cain't seem ta figure out that damned HTML fer linkin t'other blogs....hell...I'm an old cop n an old cook...not a puter wizz. Thanks agin fer yur effurts John n friends. No politikal tawk t'day, just a good Friday night (or any other night) meel.......... Homemade Fish & Chips

2 Pounds of Walleye, Perch or Pan-fish fillets (your choice or all three)
1 Box of “Shore Lunch ™” batter mix OR 1 ½ Cups Bisquick pancake mix
1 ½ Cups milk
¾ teaspoon Kosher Salt
Peanut Oil for frying
3-5 Very thinly sliced Potatoes
Crushed or chopped fresh Parsley
Vinegar if desired

If using the Shore Lunch ™ batter mix for a beer batter (use stale beer), follow package directions. If using the Bisquick ™ pancake mix, mix the pancake mix, milk and Salt and beat until smooth.

**TIP** Whether using Shore Lunch ™ or Bisquick ™, dip (dredge) fish
fillets in DRY batter mix BEFORE mixing the batter. Set aside.

If using Walleye fillets, cut into 4 inch pieces. Leave pan fish fillets at their size.

Place the Very Thinly Sliced potatoes into one frying pan filled with at least 1 inch of medium hot Peanut Oil. Fry “Chips” until lightly golden brown, remove onto a paper towel to drain and sprinkle crushed parsley flakes and a touch of salt over the “Chips”. Keep warm until ready to serve with the fried fish.

Once you’ve mixed whatever batter you decided upon, dip the dredged fish fillets into the batter mix, completely covering the fillets. Carefully place the fillets into at least 1 inch of hot (350 degree) Peanut Oil (you can use the same frying pan that you did the potatoes in, or a separate one, cooking both at once). Fry until golden brown or fish flakes easily. THAT’S IT!! Serve meal with Vinegar if desired.