Wednesday, April 23, 2008

S'more Trivia.....

Well Sir....again, since alot a folks enjoy answerin Trivia goes...

In the below video, 1) who sang the song "North to Alaska", 2)what year, and 3)who were the star's of the movie...

BTW...Cookie and his wife have been fortunate enough to see some of that area first hand...and ..NO Chief, not during the original Gold Rush. Been to Ketchikan and Skagway, "The Red Dog" saloon in Juneau, panned fer Gold and found some, and visted "Dolly's Whorehouse" in Ketchikan (just a visit mind ya).


Well Sir....ain't no trivia questions fer this here video, but since my "gyrene" buddy the Chief is interested in trains....I thought he might just enjoy this music by Johnny Cash....

....and...of course ya might know...just as I was postin this video, you know, tryin to be a nice guy and all, doesn't he call me and start bustin my balls about certain things. Like they say, "No good deed goes unpunished."
_____________________________ here be a Reeeeal oldie. 1) Who was the 1st main starring character of this old TV series (Hint: Not the person in this video), 2) and what year?


Here T'is....the scandal of its day. Just one question....Who wrote it?


Movin along....What's the name of the group that sang these two songs?

....and this one, unfortunaetly, was "my song" fer many a year.....


....1) easy question, what was the name of the movie, 2) other than Clint Eastwood, who were the two other stars in this scene, and 3) what was the "generic" name given to these type of western movies and why?


OK...Last one....1) Name the movie, 2) what year was it released, 3) what number movie was this for Elvis, and finally, where the hell were the violins in this scene? many of y'all were "makin out" in the balcony when the movie was playin?