Monday, September 29, 2008

Enuff I say!


To ALL politicians....STOP the God damned finger pointing!

"Fix the problems...NOT the blame"
Both parties are doing nothing but pointing fingers and blaming each other for all the fucking problems we are now experiencing and the truth is...BOTH parties are to blame...starting many years back. You do nothing but waste time, and taxpayer money by all this blaming.
Watching all the news today following the failure of the House to pass the "bailout" bill was like watching little immature little children pointing fingers at each other saying "He did it" and "He started it." It literally made me sick!
I don't know how the rest of Y'all feel but I am so sick of all this "blame game" shit that my attitude is now very simple. If you're an incumbent...

Well Sir...I still don't know who the hell this guy is after seeing three of his video's...but he sure tells it like it is....Good On Ya Mate!


WARNING! The topic matter of these three videos are of highly controversial subjects. If you are a liberal Democrat, trust me, you DO NOT want to watch these as they will only serve to infuriate and upset you.

If you are a somewhat conservative Democrat ( that's bordering on being an oxymoron) who has a modicum of common sense and a logical thought process, then you might actually agree with some of this man's views, as I do.

AGAIN...if you are a strong Obama supporter, a staunch, dyed in the wool Democrat who supports ALL the Democratic party lines...DO NOT WATCH THESE VIDEO'S!

Y'all have been strongly warned, so I don't want to be bombarded with nasty ass comments and/or long, intellectualized rationalizations based on liberal gobbledygook.