Saturday, September 27, 2008


I had a couple a beers with Paul Newman once.....truth.

I guess it's only fitting that I share a true story with y'all bout the time I and my detective partner, Mike Macko had a couple of beers with Paul Newman.

Fer those of y'all that don't know, part of the movie "Slapshot" was filmed at The Onondaga County War Memorial in Syracuse, NY, this being an avid area of the country for Ice Hockey, and part of the movie background as well. Well Sir, my lovely wife Elaine, like most women during that time period had fallen in love with Mr. Newman and those eye's he was so famously known for.

So, when it was announced in the paper that they were holding auditions for movie extra's in "Slapshot", she was one of the first in line and both her and her girlfriend managed to get small parts. Now Sir, I can't recall exactly but, but the filming for the movie was either in May or June, and man was it hot, however, all the extra's in the audience scene's had to have on heavy winter cloths as if they were dressed for winter.

If you've ever watched a movie filmed, then ya know that many scenes are filmed 2,3, 4 or more times. Well Sir, on this one hot day, they had taken several re-takes on this one fight scene and several other scenes as well, and all the extras were very hot, sweaty and uncomfortable with all their winter cloths, coats and hats on. Finally, in one scene in which Paul Newman climbs into the audience (as Reggie...his character role)) to beat the hell out of some idiot, my wife got to touch him and be right next to him. To her...this was the thrill of a lifetime. After 4 days of sitting in a steamy hot War Memorial shooting take after take after take, she had accomplished what she had hoped for. She was absolutely elated...with a capital E.

Now Sir...what my wife didn't know was that myself and my partner Mike, who were working as Off-Duty plain cloths Security for the movie company, had earlier been standing near a back entrance to the War Memorial where the actors and crew would enter from their dressing room trailers and buses. One of the bus door opened and who but Paul Newman sticks his head out, looks at us and asks us if we're part of the movie crew. We told him we were off duty cops working security and was there anything we could do for him. He then asked us if we would walk down to another equipment trailer and bring him a few beers from a certain cooler in there. Then he added, "hell boy's, it's hot out there, grab a six pack (he liked Coors) and come on back and have a few beers with me." Damn near broke our butts getting the beers and gettin back to his dressing room we did.

It was in between scenes and the three of us sat there in his air conditioned bus drinking the cold Coors and shootin the shit just like regular folks. Eventually, he was called in for a shoot and we walked him to the entrance, but not before asking him if I could have his beer can as a souvenir for my wife who was an extra. He said sure thing and departed.

Later, after 7 hours of filming in a particularly hot War Memorial, my wife exited, stripping off her coat and the winter hat she had on. Here hair was soaked from perspiration. On the way home she couldn't stop talking about having touched him and been right next to him. She was so excited, I knew I was gonna get a little that night...that is... until I handed her an empty beer can.

With a puzzled look she asked "What's this?" I then proceeded to tell her how Mike and myself had spent about an hour shooting the shit with Newman and that was one of his empty beer cans. There was dead silence for about 30 seconds....and then, starting like the low rumble of distant thunder and increasing in crescendo she said ..."WHAT! I spent the entire day sweating my ass off in a steaming hot War Memorial just to see him, and maybe get close to him and now you tell me that you and Macko were having a few beers with him! YOU SON OF A BITCH! I'LL TELL YOU WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH THIS F*#@ING BEER CAN MISTER....STICK IT UP YUR ASS! There was dead silence all the rest of the way home.

I think you probably figured out by now that there wasn't any luvin fer the Cookie that night....True story mates.

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