Monday, November 24, 2008

Tuesday Turkey Tidbits & Tips...and Boy Scout Breast Exam.

Now be a real valuable lesson fer all you would be, novice Turkey "Deep Fryer" out there.....

Basically...use yur head!

1) Make sure the Turkey is completely THAWED! DO NOT use a "self-basting" Turkey such as a Butterball.

Use a regular Turkey, NOT OVER 14 Lb's.

2) Remove any "Pop-Up" plastic timers (you'd be suprized to know how many idiots don't), and NO, the Cookie never did ferget!

3) DO NOT let your cooking oil get over 350 degree's. At 475, it can burst into flames!

4) IMMERSE SLOWLY into hot oil. Wear shoes!

5) Keep kids and pets away from the unit. True story, a person who resides about a block away from Cookie had his poor dog run into the container of hot cooking oil and get severely burned when it spilled all over the dog. Poor animal had to be "put down.

6) Cook for 3 1/2 Minutes per pound and Turkey will be perfectly done.


Aside frum the fact that this idiot got away with doing so...the results could have literally been disasterous. USE BAKING SODA as the smart woman suggested!


A "Brother" ask's the same question many of us have asked but been denied an answer....


Ya Gotta CLICK TO ENLARGE this one....


DAMMMNNN! Why the hell didn't I think a this when I was an Eagle Scout???

I'll bet their next project will be about the early detection of HPV.