Friday, September 18, 2009

How MSNBC completely disorts the TRUTH!!! " Like Obama, "You LIE!!!"

In this MSNBC "News" clip (notice I put quotations marks around the words News), the MSNBC reporter portrays the man with the gun(s) as being a "White Racist", and the entire article goes on to talk about white racism against President Obama and the potential violence.

Now, for "The REAL Story (and the truth)", here is the REAL man carrying the AR-15 ( NOT A MACHINE GUN By The Way)". Hmmm...must be a BLACK-WHITE RACIST!!!
Never seen one of those afore!

Folks, if'n ya haven't done so already, STOP WATCHING THE MSM!!!! With the exception of FOX News and a few other media outlets...YOU'RE BEING LIED TO! Simple as that!!