Sunday, October 25, 2009

If'n Y'all believe in our Constitutional Rights, this is IMPORTANT!!

If'n you believe in our Constitution, and in particular the 2nd amendment, please watch this important video by Congressman Broun regarding Obama's plan to completely infringe on the rights of ALL gun owners in these United States. I've been watching this proposed H.R. 45 bill for sometime now and NOW is the time for us to act. I'm 65 years old and never, EVER dreamed I would see times like these in "the land of the free". This is the most audacious attempt by Obama and his band of power hungry scoundrels to take away our weapons and our 2nd amendment rights I've ever witnessed. Enough is ENOUGH!!

After watch'n this short, but important video, please go to the link I have provided and complete a very short survey. Thanks mates.