Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday PotPourri

Why folks eat birds! BTW, fer all of you folks out there who were never raised on a farm or never visited one on various occasions, the Geese in this short video are very typical "Watch-Geese". Geese have been used for centuries to protect various areas of a farm. Also, if'n y'all ever wondered where the term "Goosed" comes from, this'll splain it to y'all.


Hmmm, Well Folks, if'n my wife gives a eulogy about Cookie after I go to meet my creator, and the old girl is honest, she'll definitely be saying things like this!


REGARDING THIS MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR FRAUD, dont'cha be naive (or liberal, ignorant or stupid) enough to think that this isn't happening in our country as you watch this short video. Remember, it's YOUR money, and our government is giving it out very liberally(operable word) with very few system Checks & Balances!


Ahhh, have anuther beer mate!