Friday, December 17, 2010

TWO great Christmas gifts fer men!

But first, Whew, I'm bushed! I finally finished get'n the Christmas decorations up on the old hacienda. I'm the house on the right.


The greatest Christmas gift you can get fer yur bro's!

"The Manslater"! (Gleefully Stolen Frum "Nicki")


Now Sir, here's a very caring and compassionate young woman who I have had the honor of knowing for the past several years and has done a great deal for our Military Vets, old, young, active military, retired, but especially those who are wounded and hospitalized.

For several years now she has produced and sold a line of quality 1940's Pin-Up style calanders and videos, and everything she makes off the sale of these calanders she donates to various VA Hospitals around our country, Gine Elise. I can't say enough good about Gina, she's a real patriotic and loving person.

Her calanders would also make a great last minute Christmas gift for any man and the money would go to an excellent cause.

Get Motivatored with Gina Elise. from Gregory Atkins on Vimeo.