Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Wednesday Wanks.

Hmmm, we here in Upstate NY got the exact same Weather Alert this morning.


DAMN! I just looked outside this morning, grabbed my digital camera and took a photygraff, and here be what it looks like....


Here's your "Hippy-Dippy Weather Man's" Forecast.


Commercials just keep get'n better & better....

Thanks "Chief"!!


Hmmmm, most interesting UFO footage over Jeruselem ?? Not a Joke. What's your take?

"Initially Jerusalemites didn't consider it strange, but soon the shining ball started moving over the old city and the Western Wall and especially over the Temple Mount. Suddenly it descended and stopped over the Western Wall / Temple Mount. "It was like the ball stopped at the Western Wall, left a prayer note there and returned to the skies", a witness said."


For all you golf fans

A man entered the bus with both of his trouser pockets full of golf balls and sat down next to a beautiful (you guessed it) blonde.

The puzzled blonde kept looking at him and his bulging pockets.

Finally, after many such glances from her, he said, 'Its golf balls'.

Nevertheless, the blonde continued to look at him for a very long time, deeply thinking about what he had said.

After several minutes, not being able to contain her curiosity any longer, she asked,

'Does it hurt as much as tennis elbow?'

Well Sir, this here video is make'n the rounds on the net yesterday & today, so if'n y'all haven't seen it yet, here t'is. Again, No Joke!

Planned Parenthood Exposed.


Confusion in the Military!!

Well, Obama recently signed the bill that allows gays to serve openly
in the Military,

No more don't ask don't tell.

But what has he really done, but cause more confusion in the ranks.

Just for a moment, imagine yourself in a combat situation.

The enemy is firing at you, rapidly advancing on your position,

The guy next to you is openly gay.

Suddenly, someone yells out

"Shoot the cocksucker!"

Now do you see the confusion?


SoCalPal said; "As usual Cookie...You have sooo many items worthy of comment but I'll limit myself to one, Planned Parenthood. What a 'sub-human' organization they really are with their 'Final Solution' platform!

I'm not sure which I find more disturbing.... Planned Parenthood's barbaric attitude toward life or the fact that so many misguided souls financialy support them."

"The Chief" said; "Instead of Planned Parenthood, we oughta just squirt some Crazy Glue on the insides of women's thighs and press 'em together. Overpopulation problem solved. Next?"

Cookie said; and I'll bet you wanna be the one doin the squirt'n!