Friday, March 25, 2011


If'n ya get motion sickness real easy then I suggest you definitely take yur Dramamine before watch'n this video.

VCA 2010 RACE RUN from changoman on Vimeo.


"Howie" said; "This is another fun post, either way as an ex-submariner I love checking your site every day. Blog on Cookie, you put a smile on my face every day!!"

COOKIE said; Thanks Howie, comment appreciated mate!

Vigilis said; "Chile! Same concern, however."

"Vigilis" said; "Cookie,
Chiming in late. here, but always faithful. What first intriguiged me about this local feat was trying to identifying the locale (which you may already know). by attention to fleeting signage and language clues, the area first seems to be in a very hilly region of Brasil. HINT: Google "Coduego". Now, assuming Brasil s correct, what do we see on the filmmaker's clapboard (or slate) near the video's end?
The writing is neither Portugese nor latino, it appears to be Arabic (I am, however, only somewhat familiar with cyrillic, Greek, anglo and latin scripts). After the Latin alphabet, Arabic is the second-most widely used alphabet around the world. [1]
So, the most unnerving revelation of your video for me is not so much the motion, but the Islamic script on the video creator's almost unnoticeable clapboard in a country, which by CIA Factbook estimates is 89% Christian. I am certain you would never promote such a hidden agenda knowingly, and this one appears to have been well-hidden. Why Arabic?!"

COOKIE sad; It is in fact Chile Vigilis. Its obvious you have great investigative and observation skill Vigilis. Comes with the territory when you're an investigator like yourself. Good job mate!