Sunday, March 26, 2006

Illegal Immigrants...Accept it...move on...Pork Roasts...

Well Sir...m'buddy "Orby" came over t'the Cook Shack t'day and we began to discussin this here immigration sitchuashun and button topic fer shur! Next thing ya knows...we're goin back & forth with all the standard pro's & con's, goods n bads...cliche's...economic figure' assistance figures...illegal alien populashuns...crime figure's...I'm shur y'all get the idear. Then we heard on Fox news or one a them other stations that the estimate for the number of protestors was somewhere around 500,000 doubt about 475,000 probly bein illegal aliens themselves. Now, don't get a ahead a me and get the wrong idear about just where I be comin frum. My grandparents came frum the "old country" and they had t'do things legally to become citizens.

Seems t'me that almost every time some really important issue comes up in this fine country that we literally beat the livin shit outta it with politishuns posturin themselves, TV News shows with their various pundits...debates (public and private)...polls galore...protests...marches...and everyone a thinkin their right (ceptin fer the politishuns who'll take whatever posishun will get em elected).

OK....the way I be a see'n things at this moment....lets utilize the concept of "Acceptance". They're here! Enda story. Accept it! Now whats the most inexpensive, effective and positive way a dealin with it. The Law Enforcement and Correctional costs of round'n up 12,000,000 Illegal Aliens in itself would be staggerin. Open the books...let em register (with immunity) and start pay'n their fair share a taxes. Lets face another fact....many businesses, large and small....already have "illegal aliens" a wurkin fer em. They can continue t'wurk but their wages would at least be taxed...thus a help'n the government(s) and certain social welfare programs n such. grandparents had t'go though the legal process and all...but times was a little differant back then.

Next....close and secure the g'damned borders once n fer all! Build the Fence...Lord knows we need it! Utilize whatever other methods are necessary to assure the National security. If'n ya come's inta this country after a certain date...full legal prosecution (and ya gotta help build the Fence as well).

Now I be a know'n that some of y'all are thinkin this is overly simplistic...and y'all will present a hundred reason's why none a this will wurk or it shouldn't be done this here way (I can see the comment box a fillin up as I type this).....but lets stop all the protest'n, politic'n, position'n, piss'n and moan'n, pass'n the buck, push'n n shove'n, pander'n to the camera's, and procrastinate'n...and get on with it. I'm trying to approach this matter pragmatically...and...using certain principle's of "Martial Arts"...i.e., bending to the attacking force(s) and using the opponents force to turn the situation to your advantage. Fer a differant perspective frum one a me feller "Pirates".......get yurselves on over to The Dread Pundit Bluto. Now...a real famous Seabee motto is ...CAN DO! "Larry the Cable Guy" says...lets "GIT ER DONE".....but...I guess thats just my way a Tenderize'n a Pork Roast .....

Many folks ask me just how I get my pork roasts to come out so tender and tastey…well sir…several years back these real good friends of ours…Chris & Bill Kimber… shared their method of just how they be a doin it…and it works every time it does….here tis…

1) Place yur roast inta a large kitchen type plastic baggie (or not.. if’n ya don’t have one handy), and…with a “Meat Mallet”…beat the living hell outta that roast until its much more tender than when ya started.

2) Rub the roast with Salt & Pepper (lots a pepper) and whatever other
herbs and spices y’all like on yur roasts (Use Kosher Salt…much
better taste’n).

3) Pre-heat yur oven to 500 degree’s….that’s right…500 degrees.

4) Put yur roast in a bake’n pan…place it inta the pre-heated oven for
20-25 minutes (till its nicely browned).

5) Remove from oven..put meat thermometer inta the thickest part of the
Roast and return it to oven.

6) Lower oven temperature to 325 degrees…cook roast till meat is done…about 180-185 degree’s. ENJOY!