Saturday, March 18, 2006


Well Sir....I was a havin a busy day at the Cook Shack t'day...makin all them tradishunal Irish meals and such...includin the great Irish Potato Soup recipee I got posted in a post about a day or so ago...and kinda thought I'd take a break fer a spell. Well Sir...I stepped outta the Cook Shack...beautiful day it was...and lit myself up a cigareete.

Now...I don't recommends smokin to no sir...terrible habit (addiction) it is...but I was raised in the late 40's and early 50's when it was "sheek" and "cool" and there were more cigareete ads on radio and TV than y'all could shake a rat's ass like that...anyway...where was I?

Oh ya...takin a about two minutes after I lite the cigareet...I hear this absolutely God awful comoshun aways down from the Cook Shack a comin up the hill toward me. I was inhalin away and really enjoyin the tobacca smoke fillin m' come this here bunch a folks comin straight fer me...pissed off they was. Being a cook and all..I kinda noticed one guy was a munchin on somethin that looked like Tofu...and another had a shirt on that said "Vegetarian...Eat Me!" (I think that was a referrin to his brain being a vegetable or somethin.) When they all got t'me...they told me to put my cigareet out. "What.....why?...says I". Because...says this here feller that was so thin he looked like he couldn't even wipe his own ass... "There is a Law that says you can't smoke outdoors near a Public place". "No Shit!".. says I...totally amazed. When they pass that law? "A few days ago...and you better put that cigareet out or we're callin the athority's". So I says t'them..."Well sir...I didn't hear bout that Law y'all takin about but this ain't a Public place...its my own property". "Don't make no difference" he tells me..."we can smell the smoke and we're in the Public park about a quarter mile away"(ya see...the Cook Shack is upwind frum the Public Park). Then he says..."Yes was passed out in California a few days ago"...somewhere called Calabasses or Couple a Ass's...somethin like that...and then he says if'n I don't put the cigareet out right then and there, they gonna call the athority's on me. Well I I was lighten up anuther smoke...."this here ain't California...its upstate New York, and since I own the property y'all be a standin on...I'm tellin y'all to get off my property before I have all your ass's fer breakfast...literally! (I was holdin my meat clever when I was say'n this..hehe) . Now I beleeve that feller Darth Misha over at The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler calls these type a folks.."Nico-Nazi's".

Well Sir...after they left I kinds put my nose inta the wind and damned if I didn't get a slight whiff of that law comin this way...."Land of the Free"....HA!....but....I guess thats just my way a thinkin....Cookie