Thursday, March 23, 2006

People at the VA are really great...but its still a Government Agency.....Breakfast Hash.

Well Sir....about a year ago I put a claim to increase my disability inta the VA know...Diabetes and the "Agent Orange" today...I attended a long awaited Compensation and Pension hearing in regards to my case. So the first thing this here nice Doctor says t'me is that they needed to get some photographs of my condition. Somewhat flumoxxed (I borrowed that wurd from my friend Lemuel over at Hillbilly White Trash)...I asked "Photographs for you need pictures of my needle tracks or something?" The doctor also looked "flumoxxed" (I like that wurd)....and said..."You're here regarding your skin condition aren't you?" Switch camera angle back to flumoxxed me...."no sir...I'm here regarding my Diabetes claim." The doctor looks at his computer's a few buttons and says "Says here that you're here regard'n a claim fer yur skin condition.....nothing about Diabetes." Now...I do have a skin condition....Chloracne....comes from Agent Orange exposure. BTW...all you Vets out there who may have this condition...and now you've got Diabetes...check with your local Veterans Affairs bureau's, a VA Hospitol near ya, or the Military Order of the Purple Heart( they're help'n me)...and they be a help'n ya out...hear!

Now before I say one more wurd...I wanna tell y'all that some of the best Medical care in the world (and the best this Seabee has ever received) is through the VA Medical System. I've never had anything but top shelf care and tend'n to....great people they are .....Doctors, nurses and ALL the support staff...and I'll probably never say one wurd agin em.....but the "administrative aspect" of the system sometimes gets up. As I sat there, I couldn't help but recall a great statement made by "Burt Gummer" in the movie Tremors (he hated most Government folks)....he was tawkin to two Federal Agents and said...and I quote..."Why don't you two yahoo's go back to your offices and do what the government does best....Complicate the shit outta somethin simple".

I immediately paid a visit to the Military Order of the Purple Heart and told them of the situation....they was pissed they was. They're all over it now....and I know they'll get it resolved. All that some bureaucrat idiot somewhere had to do was READ THE FRICK'N CLAIM FORM! So...bottom line...after one year...I'm back at square one with possibly another year of waitin ahead of me. Oh well....just gotta accept it and move on I guess.......'s about a simple..but great tastin recipee fer Breakfast Hash? Here tis...Breakfast Hash....

Left over corned beef..chopped up (or Bear meat if’n ya got some)
¼ pound bacon
Cut up and boiled (ten minutes) potatoes…same amount as the corned beef.
One medium onion…chopped
Salt & Pepper

Fry up the bacon and remove from skillet (cast iron if possible). Save all the drippings. Set bacon aside…let cool. Lightly brown the chopped onions in the bacon drippings. Add the meat and potatoes and cook until the potatoes are light-medium browned. Crumble up cooked bacon and add to skillet…Salt & Pepper(lots a pepper) to taste and that’s it!