Monday, March 20, 2006

Open memo to White Trash Republican.....

Well Sir....this evening I truly enjoyed a post over at the White Trash Republican so I attempted to post a comment...but fer some reason unknown to this "puter" illiterate blogger...her blog would not accept my comment...despite all a me effurts...communication problems with my signalman I guess (St.Paddy's day and all) I'll be a post'n my sentiments right c'here.

I thought yur article this date was outstandin...cause that be the way this here country boy be a feelin as well.....little dinghy...big ships...and regard'n the brain power...same here also. Hell, I graduated High School 44 years ago...and then burned out quite a few brain cells along the way frum partying too much in high school, college, Navy, work, private life, get the picture. Oh...and about kids taxin yur mind...yupper...try 4 children and 6 grandkids....that'll bring ya back to partying too much I was a sayin....little dinghy...big ships. No doubt about it...some of the boys and men (and of course the women folk) in this here Armada truly do know how to use their intellects, writin abilities and satire...they swing a mighty sharp literary cutlass they do...but think about the defeat of the Spanish Armada fer a minute lassie ( I can call ya that cause I'm so much older than ye). That huge Armada was full of "Big" ships...but they was a beaten by the English in their "smaller", and quicker ships...thats you and me it is....maybe smaller...but we sting. So far...I've been a havin a good old time on my little three week old ship....bite'n ankles and a kick'n shins, and I shurly hope that y'all continue to sail with this here fleet.....Cookie