Tuesday, April 04, 2006

First time diabetes ever did sumthin good fer me......Smothered Dove.

Well Sir....As I was sposed to...I showed up at the local County Court House fer Jury duty yesterday. They was about 60 of us perspective jurors there....the jury pool they calls it. Then they started havin us a fill out all these differant questionaires and such...ya know...about how we feel bout certain things and any medical problems that might interfere with the trials....so...since this was a civil case involvin a big corporation and some poor little guy...I told em that I really disliked "big business" and specially them upper level management types & such (which I don't). Thait didn't sit too well with em but they still kept me around...

So's...right in front of the judge, attorneys and court clerks...I popped a couple a my pain pills I got fer my diabetic foot neuropathy, painfull stuff it is. "What are those pills fer?" ask's the Judge. Pain says I....Codiene! After the Judge and t'other attorney's got done exchangin some very concerned glances with each other....the judge just looked at me and says..."Excused frum Jury Duty!" Imagine that...! Now...y'all got a be understandin that after twenty one years of Police wurk...I've seen enuff courtrooms....hundreds of em....don't care to see anymore. Anyhow...nows I can be a puttin out recipee's fer y'all......

Nuther thing I'm a doin right now is a cookin up a storm for a big installation dinner tomorrow night fer the Marine Corps League...Emerald City Detachment (Chittenango, NY..I'm an Associate Member cause a bein an old Seabee and all)...SEMPER FI mates....

Fer all you bird hunters out thar that maybe got a few breasts still in the freezer...here's a recipee from Vicki Yowans out in Kansas...she and her hubby are regular recipee contributors.......and if'n y'all got a recipee...send it to thecookshack@aol.com along with a short story bout yurself so's I can be a givin ya credit fer the recipee....here Vicki's......Smothered Dove

3 Dove Breasts
1/2 cup Flour
8 T. Fat
4 t. Worcestershire Sauce
4 t. Lemon Juice
1 c. Water

Salt and pepper Dove Breasts. Put Flour in a paper bag.
Drop Breasts in paper bag and close, shake well.
Melt Fat in pan or iron skillet.
Fry Dove Breasts in fat until golden brown.
Put 1/2 t. Lemon Juice on top of each breast.

Add 1 Cup water, cover and simmer for 1 hour or until
breasts are tender.
About 30 minutes into simmering, add 4 teaspoons Worcestershire Sauce
and remaining Lemon Juice. Fresh squeezed Lemons may be substituted
for store bought Lemon Juice.

Serve. ( If smothering more than 3 Dove Breasts adjust recipe ).

Mmmmm...mmm....sounds great don't it? I knows it ain't good fer ya but ya gotta admit...if'n ya cooks sumthin in "Fat"...it shur duz taste alot better.....

Now...Miss Vicki sent in another recipee...one fer Quail....and it sounds just as good...if not better...but I'm a gonna be savin it fer anuther time....sorry all you bird hunters.....meantime...y'all come back now..hear.....Cookie