Saturday, April 01, 2006

Me Chef's knife was ready but....

Well Matey's....the famed (or infamous...dependin on yur point of view) Pirates Armada made a highly successful raid this here date over at the Daily Kos, it did. The raid...meticulously planned by his Imperial Grand Admiral Bluto and executed by all his admirin, fearless and loyal buccaneers commenced earlier t'day at a predetermined givin signal.

It seems that fer over a week now various members of this here armada(include'n this here Cookie) been a sneakin inta the Kos port of call under their radar. Once the debate began...the Libs had no idea what hit em and, rather take part in a "reasonable discussion" they immediately started erasing all of our comments off the comment board....wussie blagards that they be. Now..if'n y'all just click on our Pirates Armada'll be taken ya to our rules of conduct...and you'll be a see'n that we have some strict guidelines fer ourselves to follow...but them cowards over at the Kos just a started swearin, wimper'n and not stickin to the "Point of discussion". In all or two of em wanted to engage but then all the comments began dissappearin thanks to the "Kos moderator". That be about the time this here buccaneer was arrivin inta the fray with me Chef's knife in hand...but alas...I missed most of the fun I did.

Get yurselves on over to Grand Admiral Bluto's ship and get s'more on the story.......Cookie