Thursday, October 09, 2008


Cookie's Thought for the Day!

The market dropped ANOTHER 675 points today. The next time some politician...ANY POLITICIAN suggests privatizing Social Security...REMEMBER WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE STOCK MARKET JUST IN THE LAST TWO WEEKS!!!

I think it's gonna be a tough Halloween fer the kiddies this year.....


So you take your boy to a ball game for some good, quality father and son stuff right?

Male bonding, right?

You buy him hot dogs.

He sees the home team hit one over the wall!!.


Will he remember the time spent with you?

Will he remember the taste of the hot dogs?

Will he often think of the boomer home run?


What will he remember?



Well Sir....I don't work anymore...but if'n I did...I'd never bitch about my job again after see'n this here photygraff......

**CONTEST** When someone ask's just what do you do for a living, in as few words as possible...What do you tell them?

Todays Idiot Award Goes to these two schmucks......

These Contractors are installing the steel pillars in concrete to
stop vehicles from parking on the pavement outside a Sports Bar.

They are now in the process of cleaning up
at the end of the day and anxious to go home.

How long, do you think it will be before
they realize where their vehicle is parked?

...and "The Chief" tells us....How T'show yur support for Obama.....

The person that we elect will be the president of all Americans, not just the Democrats or the Republicans.

To show our solidarity as Americans, let's all get together and show each other our support for the candidate of our choice.

Its time that we all came together, Democrats and Republicans alike.

If you support the policies and character of John McCain, please drive with your headlights on during the day.

If you support Obama, please drive with your headlights off at night.

Thank you for your participation in this patriotic endeavor.

My buddy "fish" from Kentucky reminds u all that it's a good thing that it didn't happen this way...Adam & Eve....


Gotta Thank "Upstate Nikki" fer some of the above submissions...specially the Father & Son bonding.....