Monday, September 21, 2009

"Don't bite the Kootchie !!!" plus, "Herd'n Cats"

Photobucket ADULT CONTENT !!!

Well Sir, now that I've got yur attention, here's "The Rest of The Story".

Under the threat of homicide (or worse) one of my daughters warned me NOT to post this story, however, since I got such a great laugh outta this incident and the loud and unexpected exclamation itself has stuck in my mind since , I just had t'share it with Y'all!

A few days back one of my daughters ( I can't say which one cause she'll destroy me and my computer but she's the blonde one) was over at the hacienda visitin with Cookie and his wife. During the visit, my daughter was sitting at the large picnic table on our enclosed porch and was straddling one of the bench seats. The above cat, "Bugsy" ( looks cute and harmless don't he?), decided to curl up between her legs and take a cat-nap.

As our conversation was ending and she was getting up and about to leave, she suddenly got this excruciating look of pain across her face and yelled out "DON'T BITE THE KOOTCHIE!!", followed by some rather profanity laden expletives. There was a brief period of silence, followed by some very raucous laughter from my wife and myself.

Now Sir, any of Y'all out there who have ever had a kitten (Bugsy is only 5 months old) know that kittens teeth are like sharp little needles. Well, it seems that Bugsy did not particularly appreciate being moved from his comfortable location and, through the shorts that my daughter was wearing, chomped down on the area that was closest to him, which I'm sure y'all have figured out at this point in the story.

Well Sir, Cookie just cain't resist telling a good humorous story so after relating those events to a few friends who all found it as humorous I we did, I decided to post it. Now Sir, I know that everything about this "cat-nip" just BEGS fer certain comments, so, if'n y'all do decide to leave a comment, remember, some folks just might be offended so please use discretion in yur wording, and remember...



...and, along those lines....

Gleefully borrowed from my buddy "SubVet"....