Friday, June 18, 2010

**Sigh**, here we go again, and, A look 50 years ahead.

**Listen folks, I know your all very busy just trying to make ends meet financially, raise families, attend to your many daily parental and familial duties and such, but please take a few moments of your valuable time and make an effort to watch the first and last video's in the posting.**

Now Sir, fer those of you who know me or follow my blog with any regularity know that Cookie IS NOT a "conspiracy nut"! Nor am I a racist! I have a blended family and my grandchildren whom I love very dearly are children of color, so ya cain't play the race card with this Cookie. A few day back on the 10th of June this year, an ex Hawaiian Election Official came forward and made the bold statement that "Barack Hussein Obama was not born here!"

Not wanting to appear to "jump on" the proverbial bandwagon, I elected to wait and see what developed. Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows that I think Barack Hussein Obama is the worst thing that has ever happened to this great nation, because of his ideologies, policies and almost complete ineptitude.

Back in the day, when I was a cop, and during an investigation I needed to ascertain someones true/actual identity, one of the means might be through a Birth Certificate. If someone couldn't produce that, or some similar official documentation, then there might be reason to be suspicious.

To this date, Obama has neither proved his legitimacy to be president, NOR has anyone NOT proved it. The man has gone to great lengths to seal many other pertinent records as well, mostly educational records, so, if one exercises good old common sense and valid "due diligence", one must ask WHY the reluctance on Obama's part to show the certificate and other pertinent records? If you aren't suspicious or concerned about these apparent acts of concealment then you are either one of his mesmerized followers, or just plain stupid!

Mr. Obama, just produce the damned Birth Certificate (not the Certificate of Live Birth, that's something different) and put this matter to rest, one freaking way or the other.

Watch this new video regarding the Hawiian Election Official's disclosure.

Gotta Thanks Davey Brown fer this first video....

Hmmm, back in the day, "been there, done that!"


I recently posted a video regarding the fact that our parents generation, and now we, have in many cases, sadly neglected to pass onto our children just what it means to be an American (Tuesday, June 8th this year. Dennis Prager Q & A), and just what is our Constitution and what does it stand for.

Here is a peak into 50 years into the future by Charlton Heston.

...and a big Cookshack Thanks to "fish" frum down Kentucky way for this second video.