Thursday, June 17, 2010

WOW!! Teacher ordered to take down very offensive posters. Also, now ya can get 6 votes per person in Port Chester, NY!

Nahhh, this couldn't happen in America, right?

Thank ya "Chicago Charlie" fer sending us this.

Folks, the only way we are ever going to fight this unrelenting anti Judeo-Christian sentiment is by electing politicians that demonstrate positive values, morale's and principles, NOT by what political party they belong to! By electing these aforementioned people who will have the final say on who's appointed to our highest Courts.

The other thing that MUST be approached, and relatively quickly, is just who is teaching in our higher education institutions. When people like self professed, left wing radical Bill Ayres and his hate America, or "blame America first" ilk have their sway over the young minds of our future teachers and political leaders, the result is exactly what you see going on today in our Federal government.

**Sigh**, but what do I know, I'm just an old dumb retired cop.

These scum teach their philosophies and thinking to future grade and high school teachers, who, in turn teach our young children, etc., etc,. Anyone reading this who has been to college in the past thirty years or so knows exactly what Cookie is talking about. I recall how when I was still a cop, I was going to night school and myself and one left wing, very radical, America hating professor used to get into it almost every class. Needless to say I did not pass the course, expecially after referring to him openly in class as "one of the biggest assholes I'd ever met." Well Sir, he may have failed me because of my patriotism and love for my country, BUT, cops have a way of getting even sometimes.


WTF!!! Certain citizens of Port Chester, NY get 6 votes per person so that Latino and/or other minority candidates can be elected.

Hmmm, wunder whether Senators old Chucky Schummer and Kirtsen Gillibrand (both Dems) will for or against this??

Newspaper articles:

Trying to Make History, With 6 Votes Per Person - The New York Times

Port Chester provides test case for unusual voting system - [Hudson Valley News]

Hmmm, a very prophetic 1999 BP advertisement.