Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Truth be told.....Weather UPDATE!

"Biggest storm of the year", was, at least fer us lucky folks here in Upstate, NY a....


Went t'bed around 1 AM and it was in fact start'n to snow & blow pretty hard, but upon get'n up this morn found almost no snow or ice accumulation. HOOOORAH!! We dodged least fer now!

What's really behind this Time Magazine cover.....

Hat Tip: The Cumberland Post.


"Dapper Dan" said; "Cookie, Thanks for the hat tip. The original cover is disgusting to me but the behind the scenes take on it made me feel a lot better! Stay warm up there in the frozen north buddy."

"Sig" said; "Same here Cookie. After all the hype I felt like climbing up on the roof and yelling, "Is that the best ya got?!"